Pet Rocking Chair

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Product description


This model is a folding model, tailor-made for overseas users! ! !


Note: This product is only suitable for small and medium sized dogs, maximum acceptable weight of about 20kg (44Ib) of


product description


Do you want to add a newly designed pet bed to improve the sleep quality of your dog and cat and improve the mood between you?


This is a new design of multifunctional pet rocking chair/bed. Your dog and cat can play on it or get a good night's sleep.


This is the best gift for pets, he will love you more.




Playable: Dogs like to play with shakers.


Safe and stable: non-slip design, seat belt widened and thickened V-shaped bracket to ensure the stability of the rocking chair. Goodbye, worried about the danger of the bed suddenly falling over.

There is no noise when shaking, no need to plug in the power, and it will not interfere with the pet's sleep.


Portable Desi logo: The pet shaker is easy to carry.


Safety: No need to plug in the power supply,


Full match: It can match any decoration style. It is not only practical, but also high in appearance.


Removable and washable: The cloth is stain resistant and can be washed directly with water. long-term use


Instructions for use:


Some customers report that their pets are unwilling to go up, which requires the patience and guidance of the owner


When my dog lay on it for the first time, I hugged it and put it on this chair. Then I was next to it, shaking the chair gently until it fell asleep


Give the dog enough sense of security


Slowly adapt, I will crawl on my own after two or three times


In addition, food guidance is also a good choice























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