Night Light Galaxy Projector

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【12-in-1 Astronomical Galaxy Projector】--Galaxy Projector brings the space exhibition of the Milky Way and the aurora starry sky to the room, satisfying children's journey to reveal the secrets of space. This product is powered by a USB cable, and when replaced, only the film needs to be loaded into the tray and can be used, which is easy to install.

【Adjustable speed and timer】--Planetarium Projector sets the projection rotation speed, the default is slow rotation, three speeds: slow - fast - stop three gear settings, short press the fast/slow key to switch the projection rotation speed. There is also an auto-shutdown timer that you can set to turn off after 1 or 2 hours without worry.

【High-quality image and large coverage】--Planetarium Projector can completely cover the ceiling or wall of the room,twisting the top screw ring to adjust the focus to fit the projection distance for clear imaging. Enjoy a meal under the stars and create a relaxing aurora flow environment.

【Safe and environmentally friendly】--Galaxy Projector is made of ABS better materials. Does not cause any harm to the environment, the light emitted is very soft and does not harm the human eye.

【The maker of perfect atmosphere】--Star projectors are holiday gifts for loved ones, family and friends.At family gatherings,get together for a nice, warm evening; At your wedding,tell your lover about the stars. At your birthday party, have your galaxy all to yourself.


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